Indianapolis, Is Your Home’s Heating System Keeping You Warm this Winter?

Enjoying this winter? Some people are, but as far as we’re concerned, Spring can’t arrive soon enough! On average, a typical Marion or Hamilton County winter season brings 27.1″ of snow to central Indiana. As of January 21st, Indianapolis has received 27.2″ of snow already this winter… and it’s still January! Outlying areas like Greenwood […]

Act Now to Avoid Telemarketers Calling Your Cell Phone

This article may not be about heating and air conditioning, but as much as this annoys us, we wanted to bring to everyone’s attention the fact that, unless you act quickly, you will soon be subject to receiving calls on your cell phone from telemarketers. It’s bad enough getting these annoying calls at dinner time […]

Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Central Indiana

A geothermal heat pump system is a heating and/or an air conditioning system that uses the Earth’s ability to store heat in ground and water thermal masses. The highly efficient system works best in moderate climates like Central Indiana’s to save energy and reduces utility costs while keeping your home comfortable year-round. This short video […]

Proud to be Hoosiers from Indianapolis

We’ve recently discussed SustainIndy, Mayor Ballard’s insightful program to keep Indianapolis at the forefront of the “Urban Green Revolution.” A related program, RebuildIndy, is his $55 million initiative to repair Indy’s crumbling infrastructure. This boost to the city’s construction program will not only help improve numerous neighborhoods, it means work for local firms and jobs […]